Protect the Data of your Apps

2-Factor-First Authentication built into a Web Application Firewall protecting your digital assets from theft and abuse. WAFKEY shields all apps hosted under your domain.

2-Factor-First Authentication

The truth is that your Data is not Secure

With the rising number of web applications in your company so does the risk of data breaches. Your intellectual property and the efforts of hard work are constantly threatened. The consequences of data theft and abuse can easily break your company.

Featuring the first and only 2-Factor-First-Authentication web application firewall our goal is to protect you from unauthorized access and keep your applications available 24/7.

Protecting all your Web Activities

You can focus on your work better, knowing your data is secure

SaaS & Custom Applications


Websites & Shops

We've got you covered

Secured Threats Matrix

Hackers and internet security threats become more sophisticated every day.
Less than 1% of web applications are sufficiently protected.

Cross Site Scripting

Malicious HTML code inserted
into a web page input field

Hidden field manipulation

Rewriting the source code of a web page to alter values held in hidden fields and then post the amended code back to the server

Cookie poisoning

Altering parameter values held in cookies to corrupt data passed between web pages

Layer 7 Dos Attacks

Overextending a web server by recursive application activity

Parameter tampering

Altering values in the parameters to a web page call

Web Scraping

Automated data extraction from web pages

Backdoor or Debug options

Developer feedback reports for web page testing that can be used for access to the processor

Buffer Overflow

User input that overwrites the code in memory

Stealth commanding

Altering parameter values held in cookies to corrupt data passed between web pages

Forced Browsing

Accessing backup or temporary folders on the webserver

Sql Injections

Queries entered in user authentication fields

Third party misconfigurations

Manipulation of content inserts provided by other companies


Flexible security customizations

Rule-based access

Define criteria for who gets access to your data. Deny access from specific regions, TOR servers and more.

Single Sign-on

Grant your employees easy access with Single-Sign-on. Set up expiration rules based on cookie validity or time periods after which a new sign-on is required.

Same Host Installation

Install on any cloud hosting or your preferred hosting partner.

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Data Security and Protection Plans

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